2 strobe heads

 (on location battery operated is preferred but strobes for studio that plug in to power outlet will work too with an external battery)

remote strobe light trigger

2 light stands
2 sand bags
grids or snoop
colored gels, at least two 
guffer tape

any light modifier like parabolic umbrella or octabox

Suggested Strobe Lights depending on your budget (minimum of 2 heads):

Strobes  for Studio (power outlets are required):

Godox SK400

monolight head SK400 $99.00

2 monolight heads SK400 start up kit $469

Godox DP400

monolight head DP400  $179.0

Need Remote Light Trigger 

Budget On location Lighting set up (operated by battery):

Godox AD300pro 

All-in-one outdoor flash AD300pro $469

Godox AD600Pro

All-in-one outdoor flash AD600Pro $749.0

Need Remote Light Trigger 

Professional on location Lighting Set Up:

Profoto B1X

Air TTL 1-Light $2,490.0

Need Remote Light Trigger cost about  $439.00

Light Modifiers (suggestions):

Parabolic Umbrella 

Any easy assembly parabolic umbrella. This is one of my favorite lighting modifier, great for shoots on the go:

Westcott 7-feet Silver Parabolic Umbrella $107.00


For Godox system $86.0

Octabox 4 or 5 feet

Look for easy set up one like this:

Westcott Rapid Box Octa Sft Box $244.90


For Godox system $46.0

Grid Modifiers and Snoop

10, 20, 30 degree grids 

Using Format