Let's Learn Together How to Capture Your Story

Introduction to Professional Photography: five weeks online class is designed for the people with strong desire or business need to create images that will tell their story. 

This class is for you whether you just starting out or you are seasoned amateur photographer. 

August 19 - September 16, Wednesdays, 5:30pm - 7:00pm PST



Let me teach you

how to understand natural light setups, and you will realize how easy it is to achieve amazing image results with just a solid background and an open sky or a window light.

Requirements for the class

Any camera with manual mode, basic understanding of your camera, access to Zoom and Adobe Lightroom. 

Real time Zoom class

The curriculum is designed based on many years of experience teaching photography at UC Berkeley and Academy of Art University. Each class is 90 minutes + homework discussion time once a week in real time and includes lectures, video demonstrations, exercises, and immediate homework feedback.

One-on-one sessions 

Additionally, we'll meet one-on-one via Zoom at the time convenient to you to go over your homework progress.

What you'll learn

You'll learn your camera and its best modes for your needs, natural light setup, creative composition, color editing in Lightroom and get introduced to conceptual photography. 

by Yuliya Levit
by Anna Mattinger
by Melissa Mertzman
by Alex Rainchik
by Gwen Nymph
by Yuri Syuganov
by Ekaterina Efimova
by Marina Natanson
by Marina Eybelman


"It’s been a wonderful class! I’d often dreamed of having the opportunity to learn from you ~2500 miles away and this made it possible. Thanks for all the effort you put into giving us a positive learning experience and for making yourself so readily available to provide support! The amount of prep work you put in was obvious and impactful 🙏🏻🙏🏻😘😘 " - Melissa Mertzman


"I was impressed by Elena’s work as an artist. When I found out that she would be teaching online I decided to join her course. I enjoyed every single one of her classes even though it was challenging for me as a beginner photographer. I also found out that Elena is not only a talented photographer but she is also an excellent teacher and an amazing person. After her course I am inspired to be creative and to learn more about photography. I hope in the future I will be able to take more hands on classes with her. Thank you for being so inspiring". -Asya Houske


"Elena doesn’t ascribe to that notion. Her class impelled us to break free of imposter syndrome and take a playful approach with found objects, available light, and simple set-ups. After learning a couple basics [which takes, at most, a couple days of low-stakes tinkering], you really just need a bit of creativity, flexibility, and a critical eye. I will 100% be taking any of her future offerings that I can.

In five weeks I’ve moved from “Errrr, I’m not used to this camera, where’s the aperture wheelie-doohickey?” to feeling motivated to pick up a camera and competent when it’s in my hands". - Anna Mattinger


"I was a little bit skeptical about taking online photography class but this exceeded all my expectations and I'm glad I did it. Elena shared so much useful information with us in the class. Homework assignments very challenging and forced me to get out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed all of them." - Alex Rainchik


"This class was simply phenomenal. The instruction for basic camera function was straightforward, and the assignments allowed students to explore and create with their equipment. There were effective, simple natural light set-ups and actionable creative techniques. Elena's breadth of knowledge and experience showed through in her insights and critiques. I would absolutely take more courses with her." - Gwendolyn Nymph


"An extremely inspiring hands-on class for anybody interested in visual art & storytelling." - Natasha Sharapova


"I really enjoyed this class! Elena is an amazing teacher, she truly inspired me to create and shoot more. Her homework assignments are both challenging and interesting.I highly recommend this class :)" - Marina Natanson 


"I’m very happy with the class. Elena provides ton of information beyond the basics during theory class. The homework is pushing your creativity and allows to work on different levels. The most important for me were one-to-one sessions that were concentrated on my work and my questions. Elena is open to any professional questions and generously share her exceptional knowledge and amazing skills and support every student in her class. Thank you, Elena!" - Kate Fim


"This class was fun, challenging but in a fun way, packed with tips and information. Elena was very generous with answering our questions, helping with lighting setups ( over zoom, phone and other social distancing means). The one- on-one consultations every week contained just the right blend of relaxed conversation and proper kick in the butt to keep me moving and experimenting." - Yuliya Levit

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